action-hugo v0.123.7 Today I wrote the first post to my blog in a LONG time. I did of course update the entire pipeline to make it happen. Looks like the last time my build script for the action-hugo repo ran was three years ago… oh my. So some updates were of course needed. Now they are done. If you are interested in posting your blog easily with Hugo using GitHub Actions, well now you have another choice. [Read More]

Starting Blogumentation

Starting Blogumentation Let’s be real. I am not a great example of writing regularly. Or even occasionally. I am out right terrible at it. However, I was recently listening to an episode of Changelog & Friends podcast where Jamie Tanna (who has a website) was talking about Blogumentation and this rang true with me. Among many other things in the podcast episode. Go listen, it is great. So what? I am going to take a stab at using this blog as my own blogumentation again. [Read More]

Deadpool: Stackoverflow Developer Stories

Back in 2016 Stack Overflow tested a few things that were super awesome, at first glance, but like lots of technology quickly faded into obscurity. One of those tests, was Developer Stories. Developer Stories was to be a “way we envision you showcasing every aspect of your developer identity.” as Stack Overflow put it in their initial announcement. I ran out and filled out my developer story, which is now being discontinued. [Read More]

Simple Invoice

My son, Isaac, has started a lawn service. To help him track who has paid, and who is outstanding I over-engineered a spreadsheet for him. Behold! Customers The first sheet is a simple spreadsheet of customer data: Customer Address Phone Size Price Day Notes John Doe 123 Any Street 801-555-0011 Small, Medium, Large $7 Thursday Notes about last mowing Inventory For lack of better name this is a sheet for tracking which jobs have been completed. [Read More]

TIL: GitHub Action setup-go

If you are developing and running workflows on GitHub using Golang, and the recent release of Golang 1.16 had features you want or need, then you might want to know about this GitHub Action setup-go. Essentially the way it works is that ubuntu-latest on GitHub has the last three major versions of Golang in the cache, but you have to properly switch between them. setup-go does that for you, and if you are using a version of Golang that doesn’t come pre-installed in the cache, it will install it for you. [Read More]

Comments with Mastodon

If you aren’t aware, this blog is created using Hugo. This means this blog is essentially just static files being served by a static web engine. It makes it light, and simply to host/deploy. One thing it makes it hard to do, is host comments, because comments are by nature dynamic (not static). I came across the idea of using Mastodon a platform that is community-owned and ad-free. This allows “dynamic” comments, without me having to add a comment engine to my blog. [Read More]

Home Storage Upgrade Plan

Back in 2019 I built a small storage server for my home needs. Basically I store my music, movies, ebooks, and image collections here, enabling the use of DLNA to watch them on my TVs throughout the house. Just the other day, I finally got the notice that I am running low on space. To be clear that threshold is any remaining space under 1TB. As of this writing I am down to 1020. [Read More]

PoC||GTFO Repo Update

PoC||GTFO If you are unfamiliar with the International Journal of Proof-of-Concept or Get The F*ck Out (my edit) then I encourage you, dear reader, to become familiar with it. It is a great read by hackers for hackers. Long story short One thing geeks like myself have taken to doing, is preserving the history of the internet by replicating information to sites and servers with better control. That is why I have created this repo, which automatically updates daily (thanks Github Workflows! [Read More]

Github action-hugo Updated

Happy to announce that my Github Action utahcon/action-hugo has been updated to now support Hugo Modules. This change basically means there is now an on-board implementation of Golang, and git. Nothing too scary. Didn’t increase build times by too much, nor does it impact the way you use the action, except that it now support Modules. Enjoy!

Link: utahcon/action-hugo:v0.80.0