Deadpool: Stackoverflow Developer Stories

Back in 2016 Stack Overflow tested a few things that were super awesome, at first glance, but like lots of technology quickly faded into obscurity.

One of those tests, was Developer Stories. Developer Stories was to be a “way we envision you showcasing every aspect of your developer identity.” as Stack Overflow put it in their initial announcement. I ran out and filled out my developer story, which is now being discontinued. Probably, for obvious reasons too. I created mine in 2016, and here it is 6 years later, and I have been with 3 different companies, done hundreds of interesting things, but the content of my story is stale (much like this blog). So it is being retired.

StackOverflow being the good kids they are, are giving developers a chance to snag their part of history for preservation, I supposed. I grabbed mine. It is now a PDF attached to this page.