New Year New Goals

A New Year

It has been a rough one, not for me personally, I actually can’t complain about 2020 too much. Aside from being locked in closer quarters than normal with my kids, the year was overly meh. I will go count my blessings and keep at it.

New Goals

Aside from the normal weight loss, education, etc. goals, I am also committing, once again to 52 posts on this blog this year. I am not going to make any commitment to the content of these posts, but I will generally try to keep them tied (at least in general) to tech and my thoughts on tech. Hopefully I will get the chance to sprinkle in some cloudy stuff, and some Golang stuff as I go. For now, I will just say, at least 1 post per week (yeah, I realize I already missed a week, I’ll make it up).