Utahcon.dev 2020 is a go!

Man 2020 has been a rocky start to say the least! However, I am finally getting some time to do the things around my lab that just need to be done. This little project is one of those things.

What is this project?

For years I have wanted to separate out the aspects of my life, to compartmentalize. I have lots of personal things I want to accomplish, but I don’t want to muddy a personal site with professional journals and tech jargon. So I am declaring utahcon.dev the Development Blog, more or less.

I shall develop my code, thoughts, and projects under this domain moving forward. What about .com and .blog, well those are a story for another time. For now, the technical aspects of .dev

Under the hood

.dev is running a Hugo site on a DigitalOcean droplet running Fedora Server